The universe is a dangerous place and the ownership of weapons is a common thing in some parts. New technology has created lighter, stronger and more deadly weapons. There are a few basic types of weapons that may be seen.


Laser weaponry is not an uncommon sight, but is considered to be “high end” weaponry. Lasers are concentrated beams of light that burn through the target instead of using force. Lasers are very accurate and very powerful, but they are also not as rugged as other weapons. The focusing mechanisms used to create the beam are very precise and can easily get knocked out of alignment, reducing the effective range by a great deal.

Game Notes
Lasers do +1 to +2 steps more damage than a blaster of the same type. However, on certain critical failures the weapons becomes damaged reducing the range by one step.


This is by far the most common form of projectile weapon in the universe. It is a strange cross between laser and balistic weaponry. Like laser weapons it fires enegery, but instead of concentrated light it fires a concentrated blast of particles. These behave very similar to balistics, because they create kinetic force. Blasters are simpler and more reliable than lasers and because of this are used by many military units and freelancers.

Game Rules
Blasters are the default weapon for this setting. They use the same stats as a standard balistic weapon in the Cortex rule book.

Melee Weapons

Hand to hand combat is still something that happens in the age of high tech weaponry. Melee weapons consist of any weapon that requires you to get in close to your enemy. The most common weapons are knives, clubs and axes. These have changed little in function over the years, but with new materials are more effective than ever. The one major exception is the vibroknife. This is similar to s standard knife, but is powered to create vibrations that enhance the cutting power.

Game Notes
Melee Weapons function as written in the Cortex core rules. Vibroblades get a +1 damage bonus when powered on.


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