Human Alliance of Planets

The Human Alliance of Planets (HAP) is the central government for the human race. It is well known for being corrupt and inefficient in it’s governing.


Shortly into the colonization boom humanity realized it needed some sort of central government to oversee and govern the human race. There was a great deal of debate and a few small uprisings that led to the creation of the Human Alliance of Planets. The HAP became incredibly important once contact with alien races was made and the organization of trade and gate use was needed on a universal level. It has largely gone unchallenged since founding. Every human system and planet is included under the control of the HAP.

Organization and Function

The HAP functions as a legislative house. It has no power to enforce laws and it’s primary purpose is to handle inter-system relations and trade agreements with other species. Because it has no executive power to enfore laws most of it’s no-diplomatic legislative action is considered irrelevant and symbolic.

The HAP is organized from a series of councils, which is part of the reason for it’s inefficiency. A planet is allowed to organize it’s continental government any whay it chooses, but is required to appoint a planetary diplomat which sits on the system council (if it is the only planet in a system they the planetary diplomatis the representative to the HAP council). The system council appoints a representative to sit on the HAP council to represent the needs of the system. There around 200 systems represented on the HAP council. Decisions are handled by simple majority vote.

Human Alliance of Planets

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