Character Creation

Characters will use standard Cortex creation rules. Everything must be approved by the GM (in particular traits that grant allies and enemies or thing such as insanity, amnesia, etc). Players are encouraged to make interesting characters with consistent and meaningful flaws (I give out more plot points for RP and flaws than anything else). Don’t overburden your character with flaws, but make them a realistic and interesting person.

The role the characters will be playing (traders, mercs, etc) has yet to be decided. I will add that in the future.

Backstory and Motivation

A basic back story is needed. There is not word count or page requirement, but at least one plot hook is required and one interesting motivation is required (Money is not a motivation! They have a reason to want it!). As least a general idea of where they came from and a direction they want to go is needed.

Characters may need to be adjusted to work in the group. I don’t care about abilities, if a role needs to be filled an NPC will fill it, but any ideological or behavioral reasons that characters cannot get along will need to be addressed. Some in party conflic will work, but if they refuse to work together we need to address that.

Homebrew rules

Players are encouraged to create their own traits, specializations, gear, and other such content. It will need to be discussed with and approved by the GM. The discussion will address power sfeatscale, scope and cost (not nessisarily money) of the content.
I am more than willing to accept custom traits and such, but I will balance it. That may not be a stat/money change, but an RP change of some type. I will say “yes, but” more than I will say no outright.

The rules will be handled “fast and loose”. This means if we don’t know a rule and it will disrupt the flow of the game to look it up we will imporvise and adjust later. I will do my best to use rules in the player’s favor when appropriate. The goal is an interesting story, so bad things will happen. This is not a competition. I am more likley to cripple a player than kill them. I will ask the player is they are ok with their character dying, unless they do something so stupid/heroic that it cannot be ignored, or they are throwing this rule back in my face.

Character Creation

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